mereoamor (mereoamor) wrote,

So.. woosh.

Haven't penned my thoughts into here for a little while. I haven't had time to wield my weapon of words and take a bashing at my foes from my high horse and flash my conceited smile.

I don't travel in the same e-circles anymore and those I do are very small and very distant. I don't hang out in those 'chatrooms' anymore and I won't be attending Muggle Meet.. though, I never have in the past. I was considering it this year. But I don't see myself being as too welcome or wanting too share the company of the people going., So everyones happy.

I'll give a brief outline of whats going on in my life for those on my friends-list who still care mynameisrobyn I'm still waitingfor my monkey by the by.

I've got a new job, I'm a Warehouse Supervisor who also trudges about The Fresh and Chilled department helping out in Morrisons. Yeah, Same job diffrent store. But its all good.. a good bunch of people, Ok money and a good laugh. My social lifes fairly laid back a great deal of time spent outside, working out, on the beach, chilling out.

Girlfriends? None, I've decided to be single.. Given I haven't been since I was 13.. Five years on in and out of relationships off and on, I think its about time I went back to my grass-roots and reminded myself what I stood for on my own terms, without trying to accomdate every woman that falls into my arms.

Sam's coming over from America, apparently for a weeks visit the first week of August, Liz and Laura from cardigan are coming over on the 1st of july with the rest of the cardigan troop from a big piss up here in Aber and Lizzy my former flat-mate will be coming down to stay with me and J for a bit over the summer..

I went through a very brief spout of depression, self reflection and.. self correction and yes I've been a prick.

Have a good one!

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