Our first kiss won't be the last
Our loves too deep to end that fast
and good things come to those who have to wait
I believe it's only time that keeps us from the thing divine,
and when it's here you know I'm gonna say lay it on my lips

Valentines day tomorrow, fun huh? So I'm sat here staring at a Potato, yes. SOMEONE remembered my little Pro Potato as a gift of affection rant a couple of years ago , After some clever formulation and a brief discussion with friends at the time at how Flowers where superfical and sucked at being representations of love. We decided Potatoes where better.

I mean, Flowers have one purpose - To look preety,
Yes, its a flutter to the girls heart when the guy she loves,
Has gone to the thought and given her that Single red rose,
That single, Uniform piece of beauty - Unique in its own respect.

But it looks preety, It'll soon die.
The girl will look after it and care for it, But eventually it will
stop being preety and die and then its discarded.
That says to me

"My love for you is transitory and based solely on your appearance"

But a Potato? Well, well well.

A potato historicaly has a number of uses, from curing toothache to solving all sorts of skin conditions, You can eat them, You can make batterys out of them, Its even been known from early ages for children to cut them up to make stamps for painting.
Whats that say about your love?

"I have many ways in which I show my love for you"

Not only that but leave a potato alone and what will it do? It'll grow! Yeah, that makes it awesome thats like saying, Our love togther will grow regardless, That in its self makes it the best symbol for love there is.

But theres more, Potatoes are Ugly, but they're still awesome as I demonstrated and what does that say?

"It doesn't matter at all what you look like, I'll still love you"

That my friends is true love,

But.. Think about this, You give your valentine a potato, they'll be like 'ugh what?'
You explain, they'll laugh, they'll call you cute and they'll call you crazy.

And very few girls will ever get a potato for valentines day and that'll be special,
That will be a sacred moment between the two, A girl who's lived life had a few valentines will
of had several single/dozen/houses full of roses - The potato will be a shared moment between the
two of you, something truley special.

Now, I'm not suggesting you cover her bed in potato peel or fill her bedroom with potatos and dot them all over the house.

But, Valentines days a farce as it is, Its complete and utter bollock, You should show your love for someone throughout the year, Its expected on Valentines day, Its a given that you will or the person will be hurt, So let your 'love' extend further than a media pre-defined day.

And don't fall onto a crutch of love, Don't be cliche, be special, be romantic, be thoughtfull. Because thats what matters.

But, remember.. Still get her a rose or you'll be a dead man, (girls are superficial like that)

Lots of Love!

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This morning, I came back from my exam on a high, My last exam overall I failed this semster, But I'll deal with such things as they arise, The usual 'blag my way through' that you've all been so accustomed to me doing, After all it makes me, me. But after that, After getting dropped off and stumbling into my flat, I talked to my flat-mate, Who sleeply wiped her eyes and told me, "Todays it", "What?", "Todays the day, That I live life for me". You see, Shes been through a rough patch and then turned into a bit of a bitch, She became an unplesant person but she realised the error of her ways and decided that a change was needed, I admired that, I checked my friends list and someone had made a post in a similar vien, doing what they could to fix what they'd done in the past and then dealing with each new day this better person.

People do it alot, they realise they've done wrong and then try to fix it, Only to slip in the same old same old a week later, I do this too, How many blog posts on my various blogs, Be It, Lj, Blogger or something I'd chucked togther over at the-bronze. But this is new me, Life sorting out, I've got a girlfriend, who makes me very happy, I've dimissed the old and I'm working on the new

new me and all that shingdiggle. Those who want to be around me can, Those that I've dimissed, Whether it was a year ago or yesterday,

Have a good one.,

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Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Hows it going Thomas?
Thomas says:
fine. answer me one thing, why then if it wasnt you would you joke around on an issue so sensative as to almost cause suiside?
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Do I know about any reffrences towards Suicide?
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Was that public knoweldge?
Thomas says:
and yes this guy was hacking our forums we used
Thomas says:
not just emails
Thomas says:
Thomas says:
but it was a sensative issue that much you could have deducted
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Do I know about the forums?
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
I should of deducted?
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Are you that naieve? Did I see the content? or did I see some smug-comments on your lj? Did I actulay see evidence that it was effecting anyone adversley?
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Did I try and assit? did I offer my technical skill? Did I ask for this content to deduce ip's, locations etc.
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Did I know about a forum?
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Are you using logic? What bought you to the conclusion that I was the hacker?
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Liam - "That smell convicts all my senses whilst breaking down any walls and defenses" says:
Thomas? well?
Thomas says:
Thomas says:
you had access to the server, you know about the sort of shit required although im informed that you know no where near enough to do it. and then you say its you

At which point I was blocked, it seems Thomas is as red in the face as his font is and dosen't want to discuss this topic any further, a shame that hey? Now, I view this as something of importance, The legal consequences of 'Hacking' and 'Harssment' are serious issues as are Slander and defemation of charcter.

Now seens as In Sloppys opinon, I know "no where near enough to do it", I can't argue that points validity seens as I don't actualy know what was done, though it does all sound very trivial. It seems the content of such communications was the issue so much so to allegedly push someone to the edge of contemplating the taken of there own life, I don't know who this person is - But I very much doubt I know the person well enough to attempt to instigate such a reaction, coupled with the fact that given my Charcter that I'm sure half of the people involved and people you 'respect' including intruhspekshun would all state, Thats not me, I'm not that sort of person.

Please children, look before you leap so readily onto pre-conclusions (especialy when made by idiots) - I'm not sure how the accusastion of me being the hacker came into light and truley found it absurd so much so, I'd sarcasticly state it was me. Sarcasm being a firm faviourte in my array of skills for pointing out idiots and you all having fallen victim to it in the past, I would of assumed that with an education as basic as Primary School and playground banter, you'd be able to depict Sarcasm from Genuinity.. That and the seriousness and consequences for said 'hacker' would I truley just come out and say "Yeah it was me?" - when people included where some of my close friends.

You don't even need to answer my questions, They're all rhetorical, I know the answers and it'd only embarss you further to reply to them, No one likes proving them selves to be ignorant and stupid, let alone Wrong.

Just - Think about it.

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So whats good friends? I'm sure if your not on my friends list, one of them will be kind enough to point you to this in releation to the recent hacker events involving, John Franklin - Who is he? What does he want? Why us? Ugh.. I can tell you who he isn't.

He isn't me, I'm not sure why I feel the need to defend this point because its truley absurd.
I'll start with some points of notice and then move onto some facts, ok - I'll also be fairly vague not to tie people in who have no reason to be associated with this in it.

  • I don't 'dislike' any of you
  • - What does this mean? Given I don't particuarly like any of you, with the few exceptions of my 'friends' and people who I've actulay held with regard being flyersun,changeoffate and rosaloca The rest of you? Including, bakedbeans03 and nat_evlo,mynkeymonkey, sloppy85 I'm indiffrent, You really aren't worth my time, nor would I waste it.
  • I do particuarly Like some of you
  • - flyersun,changeoffate and rosaloca are all people, I'd do nothing to proactivley go out of my way to hurt them in ANY manner. changeoffate and I have had our spits and spats, but we've never been on the terms that either of us would malicously seek out some sort of 'retribution' or 'revenge'
  • I'm a Busy Guy
  • - You're all beneath me.. again accept the few I'd exclude - flyersun,changeoffate,rosaloca and sloppy85 at a push

So now we've got the prelimanery done and dusted - Lets kick some logic back and forth should we. I know rational thinking, common sense and fundamental basics in intelligence aren't something you ALL have a firm grasp on - Some of you do, those people who've come to me and gone, "Ugh, have you heard? You're the hacker ;)" In a mocking manner. They too think your idiots... They're your circle of friends!

Speaking of your circle of friends, How many of them do I know? By circle of friends, I mean all your gang that where included in the crazy hackings, Now I'm not sure of the extent of such 'hackings' - From what I was told it involved, Emails and phonecalls/txt messages.. wait a moment....

Who's email address do I have to hand? The people I have on msn, Tom, The Two Amys and Rosa, Sloppy everyone else? No I don't, I suppose if I was so inclinced I could dig and scoop 'em up, but from what I heard and I'd imagine its a accurate source of information being one of the 'circle of friends' and 'victims' of such attacks - There where people in the 'list' or maybe just a person, whom I've never had contact with, Indirectly of Directly - I've never seen there email address nor had it sent to me or had it viewed on any web-content I may of cached for later retrieval. This email address has never been in 'circulaiton' to me, So it'd be impossible for me to aqquire such an email address - Thats just a little taster of logic, You chew that up good, get a good taste, Who knows? You might like it.

Whos phone numbers do I have? - From the listed people, I have Amy T's and Amy W's. Though I'm not sure if Amy W's number still works its been so long, I've spoken to Three people on the phone that I've met from that social group, The third not being part of the 'little game' you kids are playing with 'John Franklin'

Now, I'm assuming the 'Hacking' didn't extend further than that - That assumption may be gross and totaly inaccurate - I do apologise for making such presumptious assumptions, but given I'm not involved in your predicment, I wouldn't know.

Given that your definition of 'Hacker' is well off and lets be honest - It'd be deemed closer to Harssment, now Detective mynkeymonkey and side kick bakedbeans03 Whats the common thread that Joins me to those people? Ehum, drawing Blanks? Honeslty if your not, let me know I'd love to hear, Otherwise, Yeah! you've got it! None, why? Because I don't have a common thread, I don't know or speak to half of you.

Ok, I've finaly got hold of all the email addresses whilst writing this post, great!

ebony_adams@hotmail.com, dolly.beeds@gmail.com,
amy@sweetmystery.co.uk, babymorwie@hotmail.com, bbsmug@hotmail.com,
myndon@bakedbeans03.co.uk, shinning_light@hotmail.co.uk,
bele_ilmenel@hotmail.com, meteora_pandemonium@hotmail.com, mike@ultrateq.co.uk,
elvolia27@hotmail.com, rebelgirl1786@hotmail.com, r.master@t-ml.co.uk,
sexyseonie@hotmail.com, tom@bakedbeans03.co.uk

I can only identify about 4-5 of those emails as people I actulay know, Some of those email addresses I've never seen or heard of, Imagine that?


Happy New Year everyone, LOL

Hmm, What? I didn't wish Anyone happy new year, online not even my nearest and dearest, Why do you guys think your that special and then to add a 'LOL' oh, I get it - I'm acting so out of charcter to try and trick you guys? I really don't think I'd have to go that far to trick you, You are after all Idiots[1]



Grpyh? What a lame tag, Given my previous tags 'mafiaboy','dispensablehero,'mereoamor','Mushay','Striker','Trigger'

Gryph? Notice how none of them are mythological or lame, they're either releated to something, original or emo :) Grpyh - Think about it, Hack tags are a means of which to boast one self, My hack tags? 'Wispy','Null','Anerill' - Either have Technical backgrounds or no background at all, Either way they don't 'tie' to a past affilation with anything and Grpyhen screams Harry Potter, which could have a tie in somewhere with Deckleswood - Given I hated the place in its closing months, when most of you kiddiots where 'living it up' in there - It being the place for your self-esteem lacking kiddys to 'hang out'. I was well away. That kinda dissassociates me again dosen't it?

And Kisses? That really needs no explination.

nat_evolo My amiddtance of being the 'hacker' was Sarcasm, You truley are an idiot.

Fucking Kids, You're all crazy little fools.

[1] Hey, You all think I'm the hacker, that makes you preety stupid given the logic presented, now wipe those tears from your eyes before we have to call the Wahmbulance.

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After reading the latest book my conclsion is..

The last book of HP should be bad. I mean he is not a good mage, and is skipping school, to go fight an imortal god, and track down stuff he knows nothing about? Good job...

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Just a tid bit of advice from a reformmed chatroom addict.

Revenge, Hacking, Malicousness, Anger

really aren't things worth contemplating when held in reffrence to chatrooms, A website run by a dickhead where you and your friends chat, He/She/It bans you.. don't lower yourself to a level in which you compromise your integrity or respect of your peers about you.

I've been there done it, The Bronze, UTQ, Deckleswood all of which I made a 'name' for myself.. .one that's stuck with many people who still utter my name in chatrooms where I don't frequent for it to get back to me, "Anyone seen Trig, remember that dickhead when he hacked UTQ?" it's not a good thing.

It really isn't worth it, Remember it's a chatroom, run by a perosn who owns that place, He dosen't need a reason to ban you, It's his website the sooner you guys stop thinking these things are democracy and you have a right to free-speech the sooner you can shrug your shoulders say fuck it and get on with life. Many communites have been founded for the sole purpose of Ego-Rubbing - Many communites have been created with the creator knowing that with systems involving privlegages ranks custom options that people will kiss there ass, rub there eog be there 'friends' in an attempt to excel with those around them - It's why you find the same do-gooders with the same custom ranks and avatars in a number of chatrooms all over the inter-web there all in the right circles, kissing the right ass and saying the right things.

These days, I rarley go into a new chatroom without being stuck on the dev-team with custom this and that everywhere I turn. Partialy because I've been a prick and scared a few people because of technical aspects they don't understand again because they Respect my ability that and these chatrooms are dives with no real chance of success because they have a no-brainer development team with the development skill of a code-monkey.. They can code but they can't design - don't get like that either

A bit of a ramble and a tangement I know, but look and listen.
Go to chatrooms because you want to talk to your friends, remember you have these on your msn, myspace, livejournal etc and they aren't that out of reach. Don't get upset when you get banned because some piss-ants on a power-trip and don't lower yourself to a derroagtray level.. Sometimes it's hard to remember that behind those keyboards and ban functions that they're are real people with real problems and in some case real psychological disorders.

Keep it cool, retain self-respect. It's the internet... go read a book, watch a film, go outside watch wildlife, pick flowers. Keep it cool.

There's more to internet-things.

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Lower-Level Stones.
How fickle it breeds only one thing needed said to me and the fire seaps on,

Then on breath from my lips the perfect bird drifts away.
I wear this suit of armour cause, I'm only made of Clay.
And the stone's dont pierce as deep as bullets even though you're my heroin
But, Better now than later we're not able to pull it off, cos I can't let you in.
Your perception's cleary skeptical of a good ending,
Might as well cut off the ventreicals in which our heart is sending the blood
Throughout the body of us, I'm so sorry I'm not in love.

The explination is there but the blame is not You're my mesiah from the hot cold melting pot
That I had my head in in, This end only begins a friendship we never had in the first place.
And the stone's dont pierce as deep as bullets even though you're my heroin
But, Better now than later we're not able to pull it off, cos I can't let you in.
Your perception's cleary skeptical of a good ending,
Might as well cut off the ventreicals in which our heart is sending the blood
in the body of us, I'm so sorry I'm not in love.

And I should be,
Yeah I should be,
But I'm sorry I'm not in Love,
But, I should be.
But I'm sorry I'm not in Love,

Oh I'm sorry,
I'm Sorry, I'm not in love with you.
Though I should be ( I know)
I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry I'm not in love with,
Oh I should be.

And it breaks me to see you like that, But now - Possibile of occurence and you don't deserve it.
So I had to grab the courage to throw stones.